Adhesive Bra

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We Know How to Make You Fall in Love with Sticky Bras

Don’t like wearing an adhesive bra? You probably haven’t tried a good one yet! This brassiere model is designed to preserve all the classic functions of the bra, such as provide convenience and prevent sagging or back pains, enhance cleavage and lift the bust up, while offering more versatility in terms of clothing that goes on top of the sticky bra.

Need both a backless and a strapless bra? That’s what stick on bra cups are for!

Self-adhesive bra is a type of underwear that consists only of the front part of the brassiere (cups), which is usually made of high quality silicone or polyurethane and holds on to the lower part of the breasts (a little like a shelf bra would). Most women wear it with special types of clothes that fail to cover back or shoulders, thus the bra remains invisible underneath.

Due to extremely natural shape of adhesive bras, many ladies use such sticky cups inside their regular soft bras to create a push up effect.

How to wear a stick on bra?

The way you put on and wear this kind of underwear is crucial for overall comfort and look you get in the end. In order to ensure that the bra doesn’t slip and stays firmly in place, don’t forget to:

  • Make sure your hands and the area where you will apply the bra are clean and dry;
  • Avoid using lotions or creams before applying the adhesive push up bra;
  • Apply one cup at a time. If your adhesive bra’s cups are connected, first apply the cups, then clip on the middle hook;
  • Begin pressing the cup on the middle part, where your nipple is, and then move to edges;
  • Wash the cups in warm water with soap after every use to make it last longer.
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