Bras for Backless Dresses and Other Kinds of Tricky Attire

Bra is an essential wonder part of your wardrobe: it brings you confidence while keeping you comfortable. Having agreed with that, you probably thought the same thing as we did – “This is only when you have the right bra for the right dress”. EXACTLY!

Having bra straps that fall off your shoulders, cups that are showing whenever you move your chest or the band that is too tight can create so many inconveniences and ruin even the brightest day.

That’s why choosing the bra goes hand-in-hand with picking your outfit. There are probably as many bra variations as there are dress assortments. Take time to find the right cut, height and strap solution for your outfit and the “Queen of the Night” title will definitely be yours!

Different Types of Backless Dresses

How to choose a bra for backless dress?

Seductive backless dress is a stunning piece of clothing you can never go wrong with. Oh wait… you can if your bra band is right there in the middle of the back that is supposed to be sexy and bare. To avoid it you could choose to go bare and don’t wear any brassiere at all, leaving your chest free.

However, even if attending a party without upper underwear is definitely courageous, not everyone feels comfortable going to a gala without a bra. In practice most of us would never do it, so you’d have to look for a backless dress bra.

Backless Dress and Adhesive Bra Set

Most lingerie experts agree that the best bra for backless dress is an adhesive one that holds on to the breast tissue without needing band support. If you have really big bust, you might have trouble finding appropriate stick-on bra that would fit your size, so the nipple covers can be an option for you.

How to choose a bra for low back dress?

How is a bra for low back dress different form a bra for backless dress? Low back dress still shows a lot of your back but it is usually higher above the waistline than the backless one.

For such garments an open back dress bra that could be used as a bra to wear with backless dress will work as well, or since low back dress models usually have more fabric to the sides (under your arms), a clear back bra or an adhesive bra with small sticky band will work as well.

Lowback Dress and Backless Bra Set

Another bra for low cut dress can be the convertible model that has hooks along the straps and can be adjusted really low in the back. While it won’t work as a bra for a backless dress because it can’t go all the way down to your waistline, it is one of the most comfortable and supportive underwear options for low back tops.

How to choose a brassiere for a bra with one shoulder showing?

Oh, the mighty lady’s bare shoulder... It has left so many men speechless. You don’t want your bra to spoil this gently and sexy look, so many sure there is nothing showing.

A convertible bra can be a good solution in this case as well – you take the strap off one shoulder and keep it on the other one for extra support. Or you can make it go completely strapless if you don’t need the extra support.

Bra for Dress With One Shoulder

The best bra for one shoulder dress is the one that offers you many style variations and firm hook grip. Today there are so many multi-way bras at any lingerie store, that ladies love buying them simply for the convenience of having one bra for most of their wardrobe pieces. This is especially convenient while travelling with limited amount of space.

How to choose a bra for strapless dress?

Ladies have been exposing their shoulders for ages now, demonstrating the tenderness of their physique and gentleness of their skin. While some prefer to let just one shoulder visible, the most courageous ones go with completely open dresses and need a bra that would hold without the strap support.

It actually wasn’t so long ago that the strapless bra was invented! Thanks to firm elastic materials, you can now benefit from strong support and well-defined shape of your bra without having to worry about the straps showing off, falling or being too tight.

Bra for Strapless Dress

Another option can be an adhesive bra that will normally offer smaller coverage on the cups so you can play with cleavage line. Such option will work best as a strapless bra for low back dress, where you need to leave both shoulders and the back bare.

How to choose a bra for halter dress or top?

Halter neck is a great alternative to open shoulder dresses. Such models show your shoulders, but don’t risk slipping off or appearing too revealing. There are special halter neck bras designed for such tops and dresses and you can also use the strapless ones that have absolutely no coverage on the shoulders.

Bra for Halter Dress

However, almost any convertible brassiere will do the job using just one strap around the neck or you can go with just nipple covers. Don’t forget that you can fix the edges of your clothes and keep them from moving around with a piece of fashion tape!

Can a low back dress bra be worn with plunge tops?

A low cut dress bra isn’t the best option available for the neckline that is low in the front, because it isn’t necessary low in the chest area. Since for this kind of dress you will normally require a bra that isn’t showing in between the cups, you can choose a U plunge bra or a V plunge brassiere that will offer great support while being invisible in the cleavage area.

Bra for V- and U-Plunge Dress

If your dress is really low in a back you will have to leave the upper underwear aside and use nipple covers or adhesive models to keep the shape in place without any extra lines.

How to choose a bra for racerback or cross back tops?

Playing with the back part of your clothes is one of the most favorite tricks designers use. It is simply because lady’s back is one of the most attractive parts of women body!

So if you love wearing tops with sophisticated designs, you should make friends with the convertible bra that will twist and hold whatever way you want it to. A bra without straps can work as well if the bottom part if your top or dress isn’t too low for the band to show.

Bra for Cross Beck Dress

There are racerback bras that come in predefined shape. Most of them you can find in the sports section, but there are dressy racerback bras as well (and you will be so surprise to see how pretty they can be!). And if you like to have few underwear pieces, you could make use of the brassiere clips that will hold even your regular straps together.

How to choose a wedding dress bra?

Bra for wedding dress deserves special attention. Brides and their stylists spend thousands of hours on choosing the wedding dress and it is just as important to have special underwear to enhance the beauty of the dress.

While a bustier bra for wedding dress is the most popular model by many counts, it isn’t the best solution for many types of wedding gowns. Corsets are undeniably the most seductive choice for the wedding after party with your special one, but they aren’t convenient for the wedding itself since such models hinder your movements.

There are other ways to highlight your figure while maintaining freedom of movements, such as:

  • A longline bra made of mix of natural and elastic materials: it will make your waist skinnier and provide a lot of support;
  • A push up bra for backless dress: it will enhance your breast volume and leave your shoulders bare;
  • An adhesive bra might not be the best choice: the gel used to produce it loses its grip when you are hot or actively dancing;
  • A backless and strapless bra for wedding dress: it will go with almost any neckline.

Bra for Wedding Dress

It might also be a good idea to think about bra inserts for wedding dress when you are shopping for one – if your designer can integrate them directly into the top, you will get all of the effects you normally expect from a brassiere without worrying about fitting a separate piece under the gown. It’s like having a backless, strapless push up bra for wedding dress already built into the dress itself.

What is a bra top dress?

There are so many clothes that are pretty difficult in picking the right underwear to go with them, both in terms of color, model, materials and fit. That’s why manufacturers decided to make our life easier and you can now find almost any dress with built in bra already sewed into it.

Dress Together With Bra

Like this you don’t have to worry about finding corresponding undergarments and can be sure that the dress will stay within the limits of your clothes. One of the most popular models in this category is a shelf bra dress or top, which gives you adequate support while leaving the impression of being braless.

How to choose underwear for tight clothes?

If you like wearing tight clothes or thin sleek fabrics, then you know the frustration of having bra lines popping from underneath. While some of us try to solve the problem trying to figure out how to wear a dress without a bra, others know that a simple T-shirt bra can do the magic. Such model is slightly bigger in coverage that the regular bra you’d wear, thus it almost repeats the lines of your upper clothes.

Another option could also be a seamless bra that doesn’t have any lines on it and creates a nice smooth look on your chest. Needless to say that T-shirts and other kinds of tight tops are a great opportunity to wear a full-coverage bra that is both comfortable and supportive without having to worry that it will show in the back or on the shoulders.

These are only some of the dress/top types that might require special kind of underwear to go with them. Of course it’s impossible to have a separate bra in all possible color variations for every piece of clothing you wear. But this guide gives you an idea of what kinds of brassieres modern lingerie industry has to offer, so you can take advantage of them.

Bras for Tight Clothes

While choosing a bra, keep in mind some general rules on how to find the best model depending on the clothes type you are wearing:

  • Chose a lace bra for loose clothes and tops and a seamless one for T-shirts or other tight clothes;
  • If the bra strap can be adjusted all the way through its length, instead of just in the back part of it, this will make it more convertible and flexible;
  • A nude brassiere can go with everything, but so is the grey one and grey underwear is less likely to loose its shade and visual appeal after washing.

Happy Bra shopping!

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