Best Post Pregnancy Bras

Having a baby is a major step in a life, which requires quite a bit of preparation and making some adjustments to woman’s life. Together with the lifestyle changes, there are quite a bit of body modifications that need to be dealt with. Among them, breast modifications are one of the most apparent and tangible ones, but at the same time they can be dealt with one piece of clothing – a well-picked pregnancy bra!

A pregnancy bra should get a space in the lingerie wardrobe starting from around week 16 of the pregnancy and up until your baby is 6 months (or even more if you are breastfeeding). It’s important to have a couple of models to face various changes woman’s body will go through in this period.

Some of the most common issues women face around this time:

  • Bra no longer fits;
  • Difficulty taking the bra off for feeding the baby;
  • Discomfort with straps and band digging into increasingly sensitive skin areas;
  • Trouble maintaining appealing bust line shape due to change in breast volume and boobs sagging problems.

Depending on what bothers a young mother the most, her bra solution will be different. That’s why there are a couple of important questions to answer before choosing a maternity bra during and after pregnancy.

1. Are you breastfeeding?

Then you will need a nursing bra that can open up easily. Important thing here is the shape of nursing brassieres – they can open from the top, in the middle or to the side, have two or even three layers. You might require a couple of different models when your breast shape changes.

Two Way Button Open Nursing Bra

2. Are you planning to go back to work soon after the delivery?

Then you need a compromise between a comfortable and practical model that looks nice under work clothes. There are many breathable fabrics with 3d shaping effect; stretchy lace and elastic mesh models that will look great along with providing necessary comfort.

At the same time if you don’t plan on spending long hours at the office, then choosing seamless models is the best way to go – they aren’t so great with modifying the bust shape, but are way more comfortable.

3. What is your favorite bra shape?

Your taste in lingerie before the pregnancy is extremely important. If you are normally in love with balconette bras, then no matter how many T-shirt styled ones you try, you will never be satisfied with the result. There are adjustable models in all styles – just look for more support and stretchy fabrics.

4. How much did your breasts actually increase?

Surprisingly enough, not all ladies experience as big of a boost of their bust size as they might have expected. While in most cases women’s bust line increases in volume during and after pregnancy, problems with loose skin and sagging breasts are also quite frequent.

In the case of great additional volume a lady would go for an unlined model made of natural cotton fabrics, while padded bras won’t always seal the deal with sagging breasts. In the latter case we suggest opting for molded or contour brassieres that already have predefined shape.

More tips for choosing a winning pregnancy bra:

  • Experiment new brands. You might have been a straight Zappos shape lady your whole life, but during this period AdoreMe might be just your fit, give it a try!
  • The less seams the better. Unless it is the three crucial seams that make a molded cup shape – opt for seamless elastic brassieres.
  • Seek push-up effect from firm fabrics and molded cup models instead of padding. This will allow breathing and comfort. Sometimes simply lifting up will make all the difference in shape. Molded cups that are made of 3-4 pieces sewed together will work even better than heavy padding.
  • Avoid wires. They can put unneeded pressure on soft breast tissue.
  • Keep in mind inserts. When trying on the bra, allow extra space for nursing pads.
Post Pregnancy Bra

Pregnancy is a truly marvelous experience and overcoming all the challenges that come with it only contribute its greatness. So devote some time to choosing high-quality materials and contour bra for this period and you will always remember these years as the best time of your life!