Expensive Bras VS. Best Value Deals: How To Find The Brassiere For Your Price Range

Who hasn’t heard about empowerment effect ladies get walking the dreary alley to work on a dull Monday morning yet wearing their best lingerie piece? Modern society pays a lot of attention to the bottom clothes women are wearing – just look at the billions Victoria Secret spends on advertisement and frequency with which sexy half-dressed ladies appear in fashion magazines.

How To Find The Brassiere For Your Price Range

Some of you will say that it’s all of the above. The others will say that as long as you like your undergarment – it’s perfect! Today we want to talk to you about what the lingerie industry professionals call practical and esthetic must-haves of a “good bra”.

As a result more and more females spend hundreds of dollars on extravagant La Perla lacy bras and L’agent Provocateur tops the list of the most desired presents for every Valentine Day. But being rational beings that strive to be smart about everything we purchase, we can’t help but ask ourselves: does paying more for a designer bra really make a difference?

Recent fashion research tested the theory of wearing sexy underwear to work and guess what they found out? It works, but only to the extent of giving you thrills from trying something new and exploring different models and styles. At the same time simply expensive underwear can’t guarantee you neither good look nor confident feeling.

That’s why we asked professional lingerie fitters, bra designers and fashion bloggers to share their best tips of finding a bra that boosts confidence yet doesn’t make you go broke.

So if you don’t want to overpay for the brand, but are trying to get the best bra for your money, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Find your style

    There are over 50 different styles of bras and finding the one you feel the most comfortable in is a matter of experience and getting professional fitting advice.

    If you aren’t used to unlined bras, it’s very unlikely a shelf bra will boost your confidence. On the contrary you will feel “naked” and constantly looking over your shoulder whether people around you are staring at your nipples. So wear the bras you feel natural in.

    Do you feel shy about your small bust line and want the bra you wear to make them look fuller – then go for a push up bra. Do you want your breasts to face the same direction revealing a little bit of cleavage – then halter neck is your best friend! Listen to your body, identify the issue you want your bra to correct or enhance and stick to that particular model.

  2. Choose quality materials

    Even inexpensive bras can be outstanding and last for years if they are made of quality materials that look good, fit even better and can endure multiple washes (did you know that it’s advisable to wash a bra every three to four wears at most?).

    There’s only that much a manufacturer can add to its fabrics, so quality material doesn’t mean it should be made of gold and cost 400 dollars. The truth is simple: good training bras should be elastic, everyday models can be made of cotton, while something in sexy category calls for fine lace. Here are main tips how to define good fabrics for the bra:

    • The fabric should stretch easily yet regain its initial shape after let loose;
    • The band should stretch more than the cup material;
    • Good bra material doesn’t wrinkle easily;
    • Try to aim for breathable fabrics;
    • All the seals should be hidden and no rubber elastic parts showing.
  3. Define your fit

    The last major step to finding great deals on bras even at moderately priced stores is knowing what a good bra should look and feel like. Fitting a bra is an art in itself and this bra fitting guide tells you all about rights and wrongs of doing it.

    But why people tend to think that more expensive bra brands are capable to provide a better fit? Here is what makes a bra brand worth the money it is asking for:

    • The brand should have sufficient size range to accommodate different breast shapes;
    • The same bra model should be available in different combinations of underwire length or band width;

    As long as the brand meets these two criteria – you can find the fit that will make you feel like a queen without overpaying for the marketing.

Finally, it’s not a must, but if you match the bra with appropriate occasion, you will definitely nail the best lingerie pick award. Because a plunge bra or a strapless one isn’t necessary the best pick to wear under a regular office blouse.

The bottom line is – your power isn’t hidden in your lingerie cabinet. It comes whom within your personality and can only be activated if a lady chooses so. Setting aside advertisement influence, fundamental basis of feeling your best is comfort. A high-quality bra that enhances your shape and provides absolute comfort can be found among inexpensive lingerie brands – and now you know how to look for one!