Clear Strap Bra

Le Mystere, Natori,

Clear Bra Straps: a Must Have for All

How often do you have to readjust or hide the straps that show from underneath of your top? Can’t wear strapless bras because they slip down? Then you just must have a bra with clear straps in order to be ready to meet the trickiest garments with invisible bra clear straps!

Facts about bras with clear straps:

  1. Clear straps bra are made of silicone or polyurethane;
  2. Bra with clear straps and back holds on to your chest thanks to adhesive straps on the band;
  3. Sports bra with clear straps is just as comfortable and steady as with visible ones.

Where to buy clear bra straps?

Every lingerie store or department carries bras with clear back straps. But at we have all store selections collected in one place – check it out now!

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