Low Back Bra

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Low Back Bra – Something Every Princess Would Envy!

Who doesn’t love a long evening dress with a seductively showing back? And if a hundred years ago such evening gowns were a real challenge for countesses and princesses, today with the plunge bras and low back bras you never have to choose between having a sexy neckline or nicely shaped breasts.

What kind of low back dress bra do I need?

The answer to this question depends on how low in the back of your top garment?

  • If it’s lower than regular bra band – go for the low back bra;
  • If the back of the dress is open all the way to the underarms area – choose a strapless low back bra;
  • If the dress back is showing all the way till your hips – choose a completely backless bra.

Is a bra for low back dress comfortable to wear?

Modern generation of bras for low back dresses are both comfortable to wear and convenient to manage:

  • Thanks to different number of hooks and adjustable length, low back bra converter stays firmly on your back and doesn’t hinder movements;
  • Low back strapless bra eliminates the need of looking for additional clear bra straps.
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