Maternity Bra

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Experience the Best of Pregnancy with the Right Maternity Bra!

Having a baby can be the most marvelous period in your life, if you know how and where to choose your maternity bras! These wireless models with soft yet elastic fabrics and thick firm straps are designed to accommodate the changes and stress your body is going through.

Around week 15-17 of the pregnancy you will experience swelling in the bust line. Because of a rapid growth, your breasts tissue is very vulnerable and requires utmost care and support. Timing can be different, so you can plan a trip to the maternity bras Target section as soon as you feel pumping in the chest. The best maternity bra increases together with your increasing breasts, but if you require a maternity plus size bra, you still might need to shop more than once due to a changing body shape.

Why acquire a maternity bra?

While some women think that simply buying a bigger size of a regular bra is enough, doctors around the world call upon not neglecting maternity underwear necessity because:

  • During this period your breasts tissue is under a lot of strain and needs special care;
  • Your body already endures a lot of stress and extra weight, thus providing extra support is paramount;
  • Unlike best maternity bras, ill-fitting bra can cause back and neck pains and spine deformation, shoulder pain (if the straps are too thin) and even chest pain (if the band doesn’t stretch enough);
  • Due to high sensitivity during this period your regular bras can cause irritation and allergies to unnatural fabrics or color dyes.

That’s why you can skip the shopping for the maternity clothes, simply buying a bigger size of your own brand, but you should choose the maternity underwear very carefully. Thankfully, we have all the models you need to consider – review and compare them here!

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