Nursing Bra

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There’s probably no other time when you need a reliable bra most than when expecting and caring for a baby. Just like mastectomy bras, nursing bra is a functional variety of usual underwear that is the second most important female evolution development. During this time a woman’s body goes through so many transformations, that a well-chosen pregnancy bra or breastfeeding bra will literary make your life so much easier. It has to be both unnoticeable in terms of comfort yet almighty in terms of support.

Why simply increasing the size of your regular brassiere model won’t work?

Nursing bras are quite different in shape and models than regular upper undergarments. Their functionality of determined by:

  • Wider and stronger band;
  • Soft fabric that won’t damage growing breast tissue;
  • Wide and soft straps;
  • Full-coverage cups shaped to cover entire breast area;
  • Possibility to remove top part of the cup for convenient; breastfeeding process;
  • Natural, breathable and safe materials (cotton).

Choose your pregnancy bra just like you’d be choosing a babysitter for your infant!

Choosing a nursing bra can be tricky, and be prepared that you will need to shop for it more than once during this period. Here are some nuances to pay attention to while deciding upon breastfeeding bras or pregnancy bras:

  • Check out our fitting guide in case you aren’t sure about your current brassiere size;
  • Nursing bra with more hooks (four at least) will last you longer, since your size will change drastically and very quickly;
  • Best nursing bras in terms of health are of natural colors and minimum artificial dyes to eliminate possible allergies.

Where is the best place to shop for nursing bras?

Unfortunately it’s hard to find one single store that would have a large enough collection of maternity bras, even in specialized maternity sections or department stores. The task becomes especially complicated if you are shopping for something particular, such as Bravado nursing bra.

For your convenience we’ve brought together the most popular models and brands here, so you can quickly review and compare them in one place!

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