Open nipple Bra

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Open Your Mind for an Open Nipple Bra!

Open nipple bras are a fun and sexy addition to your erotic wardrobe. It is loved and used by many ladies as a secret intimate weapon of seduction and lust.

Bras that show nipples variations:

  • Nipples show through bra models that look like regular bras, but are very transparent and don’t hide the nipples on purpose;
  • Peephole nipple bras that have breaks in the cups inviting the nipples to show;
  • Nippleless bras that have just band or very small cups and don’t cover nipples at all. This is close to the shelf models;
  • Strappy nippleless bra models, whose cups are made of lines or straps.

The nipple bra designs are very sensuous and some of their models can be even worn under regular clothes instead of regular lingerie, for example deep plunge bras.

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