Posture Bra

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Posture Bra For No More Back & Shoulder Pains

Posture bras are highly functional underwear that helps fight poor posture, back muscle tension, shoulder and neck pains. It can be worn as daily brassiere, while sleeping or doing housework.

Who should wear posture support bras?

  1. Large busted women who suffer from heavy breast weight which can be lessened with a back support bra posture;
  2. All ladies who suffer from back pains, spend too much time sitting and have muscle tension issues can benefit from the right posture support bra.

The best posture bra model attributes

  • Has separate cups, instead of one tube top;
  • Must have high racerback neckline, especially when it comes to a posture corrector bra;
  • Preferably zips in front for more convenience putting a posture correcting bra on;
  • Thin elastic straps will even further improve posture bra efficiency;
  • Longline posture bra can help even the most severe back pains.
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