Pumping Bra

Rosie Pope, Freya,

Pumping Bra: a Way to Make Nursing Easier

Being a mother is a challenge in itself and feeding a baby is a one particular test. Thankfully, manufacturers constantly invent things to make pregnancy and motherhood easier for you, such as breast pumping bras, maternity and nursing bras.

Breast pump bra is a special brassiere designed to allow a woman conveniently use the electric pump module. Such breast pump bras are made of the elastic durable materials and have special inserts to hold the bottles firmly, while your hands are free doing other things.

One of the most popular models, a Medela pumping bra, consists of two pieces:

  • Breast pumping bra with holes and bottle fixtures around nipples;
  • Two bottles and an electric Medela breast pump bra for easy breast milk extraction.
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