Mastectomy Bra

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Nothing is Unsolvable with the Right Mastectomy Bra

There are many health difficulties a woman can face in her life, but thankfully, the right surgical bra can help cope with their consequences and regain nice posture.

Whether you are waiting for the reconstructive surgery or decided not to opt for one at all, we have a large selection of post mastectomy bras that provide both support and appealing looks.

How do mastectomy bras work?

Mastectomy bras have special compartments for the recreated breast prosthesis, that look symmetrical with your natural body shape. Together with a well-defined breast form, a post surgical bra looks and feels just like a regular bra.

Just like maternity bras, many Nordstrom mastectomy bras have wires for better support of your breasts. Thanks to the large variety of designs, fabrics and patterns, wearing a post mastectomy bra is as pleasant and enjoyable, as wearing any other bra.

Measuring the size of bras for mastectomy

The best time to begin visiting the mastectomy bras stores, is when all the healing process is already over and you received the breast forms prescribed by your doctor. Don’t forget to measure your bra size again before shopping just like you would measure your regular brassiere.

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