How To Find A Perfect Everyday Bra For Your Size, Shape And Style

Bra is no longer just a piece of lingerie – it is a major part of your wardrobe that defines your outfit for the day or evening. It is something that will ruin or make your whole look. But while you can play with sexy lingerie, such as quarter cup, strappy or bustier bras, that are worn only on special occasions, you still need another kind of bra that will be your best friend from Monday to Friday and over weekends if needed.

A well-chosen everyday bra can be so much more than some classic sleep bras or sports bra. It pays to invest your time into choosing the right bra that you will not want to take off and that you can wear with almost any garment, without spending too much time on choosing it in the morning.

What makes a good everyday bra?

  1. The perfect bra is the one you will forget about once you put it on

    The kind of brassiere that will become your loyal friend is the one that you can’t feel at all. It means you don’t have to worry about straps falling down, sides of bra digging into your body or overflow issues.

  2. A versatile model that is invisible under most of your clothes

    You want your daily bra to be truly seamless. It has to give you enough support, but stay invisible. That’s where attention to quality of materials comes in.

  3. Good everyday bra flatters your shape and hides imperfections

    While improving your look is not the main goal of your everyday bra, you still want it to work around your breast issues. And there’s really no reason of wearing a bra if it doesn’t make you feel like a goddess!

  4. Your daily bra brand is 100% fit guaranteed

    Hardly anybody has inspiration shopping for regular brassieres. It’s not like sexy lingerie pieces that get you excited. That’s why a perfect everyday bra is a formula of a brand + model that you find once and stick on to for years.

  5. It is something you can wear for multiple occasions: even gym or fancy evening in case you didn’t have time to change

    Sometimes we simply don’t have the opportunity to go home and change. And while many of working ladies keep an extra outfit in the closet, how many of us actually keep an extra bra? Not many. That’s why you want to make sure your basic bra model is easily convertible from day to night or work to gym.

This list isn’t that demanding after all, right? But the trick of finding a basic bra is that it has to be one model that satisfied all of these criteria. It’s not 70% or 80% of these requirements that have to be met, it’s ALL of them. So how do you accomplish this mission?

3 easy steps to find your perfect bra to wear every day

  1. Define benefits and drawbacks of your current favorite bras

    There’s no better way to find out what bra works best for you than trying it on…and on... and on. So before shopping for your next Miss Perfect Bralette, take time to reflect about the underwear you already own and how it fits you. Judging by how you use your current bra wardrobe, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself:

    • What materials do you wear the most?
    • If you have an uncomfortable bra – where does it hurt (pulls, falls or etc.)?
    • What do you have to adjust in your bra? What kind of straps is the most comfortable for you?
    • What color do you end up wearing the most? You will be surprised that in many cases it is not nude, but grey or blue ones!
    • Which bra would you put on if you were in a rush this morning?
    • Did you ever have to buy the same bra twice?
  2. Think of your breast shape

    Our body is unique and different from anyone else’s, and so is your breast shape. To fit your everyday bra correctly, you need to first define the areas of your bustline where most support is needed.

    Your breast shape is defined using three main criteria:

    • Projection (responsible for cup shape)

      Projection means how far your breasts extend from the chest. Projected bustline is more remote from the chest, while shallow one kind of sits right close to the chest. Knowing that you have shallow breasts that are generally wider on top (where your breasts connect with the neck) will help you look for a specific bra model and avoid bust spillage.

    • Fullness (responsible for cup size)

      If you know anybody who’s ever had to go through a breast reduction, you know that the amount of tissue in your breasts can vary. While some ladies have evenly distributed breast fullness, about 30% of us are fuller on top or on the bottom.

      To determine your fullness, bend 90 degrees parallel to the ground and study the shape of your breasts – are they more full above your nipples? In this case your breasts are fuller on top. If when you bend over you see more tissue below your nipples, you are probably fuller on the bottom.

    • Spacing (responsible for band and underwire)

      In order to avoid having bra underwire cut into your body, you have to know whether you need wide wires or narrow ones. The general rule is that if you can stick two or more fingers between your breasts, you have a wide set bustline. It means you need smaller wires in your bra and preferably the band that will pull your breasts towards the center.

    Based on these estimations, there are seven main breast shapes

    Seven Main Breast Shapes

    According to medical statistics, top three shapes of women breasts are teardrop (25%), bell shape (19%) and round (17%). It means that if you are the lucky owner of the remaining four shapes, it might be harder for you to pick a model since many major bra manufacturers keep the biggest brassiere variety that is suitable to these three shapes.

    But there is a perfect bra for every woman and shape. Here are some suggestions on what bra models you should look at according to your breast shape:

    RoundBell ShapeTeardropEast WestSide SetSlenderAsymmetrical
    WirelessFull coverageAlmost any type of braHalter BraPlunge BraPadded braBra with removable pads
    Thin cup liningBandeauBalconetteT-shirt braBalconettePlunge braUnlined bra with silicon inserts
    BraletteRacerbackContour BraPush-up braMastectomy models

    Many women underestimate the importance of knowing your breast shape and shopping for appropriate bra models. But there’s no other way: if the bra isn’t made to compliment your specific form, it will not fit or feel comfortable no matter what sizes you try.

  3. Know basic bra materials

    Now that we’ve talked about the bra models that will work the best for your particular shape and needs, let’s talk about materials that will make it even better.

    There are so many stereotypes around everyday bras. While many women think that push-up can’t be a daily bra due to lack of comfort, you now know that some breast shapes specifically call for padded bras and there are push up bra models that are proven to be comfortable 24/7.

    The same goes for materials – you shouldn’t restrict your search to bras that are made of cotton and have no underwire. Here is what in practice has proven to provide the best support all day long:

    • Choose softer microfiber laces that don’t rub or make your skin itch;
    • Prefer molded cup over one with removable pads, unless you have asymmetrical breasts;
    • Choose lighter fabrics and breathable 3D padding;
    • Aim for plastic wires instead of metal ones – they are more flexible;
    • Make sure the wire has a flat edge instead of being round;
    • The straps width should be the same as your pointing finger width.

    Keeping in mind these tips your next everyday bra shopping will be a piece of cake – especially with a large selection of bras we offer for your convenience! Browse thousands of brassier models in one place and purchase them directly from the brand.